Our juice is a mixture of raw fruits and vegetables, herbs and superfoods.

Whenever possible, our ingredients are locally sourced and organic. Our juice is free of gluten, dairy, soy, GMOs, and any artificial ingredients. It is full of vitamins, micro-nutrients, live enzymes, and minerals.

Our juice is cold pressed on a hydraulic juicer in our kitchen on Mass Ave.

This process is different from commonly used masticating and centrifugal juicers because it applies no heat, and very little oxidation occurs, keeping the juice in its most pure and natural form down to a cellular level.


Two steel plates apply thousands of pounds of pressure to squeeze out all the juice the fruits and vegetables have to offer. This results in a nutrient dense and flavor rich juice that your body can directly absorb. It is immediately bottled, never pasteurized. Due to the limited oxidation, the juice is able to stay nutritionally intact for three days with proper refrigeration.

Our juice is truly RAW and ALIVE – which is why you will see a date on every bottle that indicates the third and last day we can guarantee that all the nutrients are still in tact.

We do not use HPP, a method of high pressure processing that sterilizes the juice, inactivating microorganisms and enzymes. The FDA requires HPP for juices to be sold wholesale, the same way they require milk to be pasteurized. The only advantage of HPP is to extend the shelf life of the juice – a benefit to the manufacturer and the retailer, but not to the end consumer.

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